Monday, August 3, 2015

Motorcycling – Cushiest Way to Explore Southeast Asia

Southeast Asia - the land of motorbikes and scooters! Small motors nimbly, smoothly move on streets. In spite of Luang Prabang, Ho Chi Minh city or Chiang Mai, it is easy to ride a motorbike around streets and even small lanes, reveal indigenous cultural features in a peculiar way.

Having low cost and compact design, easy to control, motorbike become the most common mean of transport in Southeast Asia countries. Motorbikes appear everywhere, every corner, used by both locals and foreign travelers for transfer. 

Moving by motorbike is truly flexible and convenient to explore cities, villages, fields or coastal areas. In addition, by traveling in the way of native residents, you will obtain authentically local experiences. On two wheels, it is possible to drive to ways and corners you want, stopping at anytime and anywhere to snap unique moments or take interesting conversations with locals. One day on a motorbike threading over the most hidden parts will bring fascinating experiences during your journey. 

So, when traveling in an area in Southeast Asia, you can select a motorbike as a companion and simply go. This lists below will show you some ideas for Southeast Asia discovery on motorbike. 

Yogyakarta – Indonesia

So many travelers reach Yogyakarta only to contemplate sunrise in Borobudur – the greatest Buddhism monument in Indonesia. However, many other hidden parts in this area you may not know and desire to discover. Yogyakarta city seems to be a typical slice of Indonesia with endless rice paddies, rustic villages and meandering road systems. 

You can visit this famous Hindu temple, Prambanan, as crossing over Kaliurang town, lying on the foot of the volcano Merapi. Scenery of this place can be beyond very much your imagination. Except the traffic jam in the entrance of the town, remaining things are all smooth.

Yogyakarta motorcycling

Luang Prabang – Laos

Do you want to ride around appealing streets in this ancient city? Just simple, walk to a motorbike rental shop, take one and ride. Luang Prabang is a peaceful city with lovely 2-story blocks of dwellings, quaint small houses, colorful tuk tuks and long queues of monks walking moderately on bare foot to beg for alms in the quite atmosphere. Perhaps you will be excited as encountering an old temple quite Chinese in style. Bring along a map if it is necessary for you.

Getting out of this safe and sound city toward surrounding areas, more challenges are waiting travelers to conquer. You can head to Kuang Si and Tad Sae, two superb, emerald waterfalls. The roads are relatively convenient. Passing over jungles, many beautiful landscapes will disclose.  

Luang Prabang motorcycling

Ho Chi Minh city - Vietnam 

Traffic in Vietnam always make a deep impression on any oversea traveler first time stepping on this country. Amazing. Incredible. Thousands of motors moving smoothly in narrow space among disorderly whistling noise; and patience of residents in traffic jam are unforgettable images. 

You can take a Saigon Vespa tour to get around the city. Classic but graceful Vespa scooters will take travelers to discover incredible street food, to original bars, restaurants and lovely hidden streets. This is a great way that helps you find less well-known places and enjoy real local cuisine. If you are impossible to ride, you can sit in the rear position and comfortably sightsee streets. 

Saigon Vespa tour

Chiang Mai, Thailand

Chiang Mai is located in a highland of Thailand so this city has a natural beauty actually mind-blowing. The region is dominated by forests, strawberry fields, rivers, streams and many other ecological sites.

You can trek 14.5 km to reach the mountain top and visit the sacred Wat Phra That temple – one of the most renowned spots in the city. However, paying attention that you can encounter the traffic congestion, especially at the end of the day.

Or, you can liberate and ride motorbike to visit historic places in the central Chiang Mai city. Let reach Buddhism pagodas built since the city newly established (about 700 years ago). If it is hot, you can take some breaks, rest, enjoy the “pad Thai” dish then continue your journey.

Motorcycling Chiang Mai
 Photo: Peanuts or Pretzels

Sumatra, Indonesia

If having scanty time, you can get to Maninjau – the lake formed from the crater of the former volcano in Sumata, Indonesia. Around the lake is small fishing villages, rice fields, schools and mosques. Here, you are never stuck in traffic. 

Koh Lanta, Thailand 

Koh Lanta is an island district in Thailand. Not famous like Koh Phi Phi or Phuket, but it is an ideal destination for excursions by scooters or motorbikes. On the island, though the way is just only 26 km long, you still can have a lot of awesome experiences: local life, fabulous scenery and traffic. 

Almost the streets have pavements, safe and not crowded. Spend all your day to contemplate the stunning beach like paradise or visit the old quarter, where retains memories of the island. You can admire traditional houses lying near the sea, nice cafĂ© and peaceful space. 

motorcycling Koh Lanta

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Nha Trang Sea Festival 2015 lures 150,000 visitors

Nha Trang Sea Festival 2015 concluded on July 14th 2015  in the central coastal province of Khanh Hoa after an eventful week, luring nearly 150,000 Vietnamese and foreign visitors. 
Nha Trang Sea Festival 2015 1

Every two years, Nha Trang Sea Festival takes place for a whole week in around June in Nha Trang City, Khanh Hoa Province. This is a colorful and dynamic sea festival which honors natural beauty of Nha Trang – the charming city overlooking the sea. The first Nha Trang Sea Festival was held in 2003 when Nha Trang Beach was proclaimed as a member of the Most Beautiful Bays in the World.

Nha Trang Sea Festival 2015 2

Nha Trang Sea Festival 2015 7

Nha Trang Sea Festival 2015 4

Coming to Nha Trang at the time of festival, visitors will be in a bustling and exciting ambiance of various Vietnamese cultural and recreational events. This year, through the festival themed “Peace and Creativity”, the organisation board aimed to call on the community to do their utmost to protect national sovereignty, preserve the maritime environment and promote the value of the sea and islands, he mentioned. 

Nha Trang Sea Festival 2015 3

Nha Trang Sea Festival 2015 5

Nha Trang Sea Festival 2015 6

With early 60 festive, cultural and sport activities throughout the week introducing the unique culture of Khanh Hoa, honouring the beauty of the sea and islands that play a significant role in local life, Nha Trang – Khanh Hoa Sea Festival 2015 is expected to bring interesting experiences of Vietnamese culture for international and domestic visitors; at the same time to be a good opportunity for Khanh Hoa Province to expand exchange, cooperation, cultural promotion and tourism development.

Monday, July 6, 2015

The best time to enjoy stunning Sapa rice terraces

Sapa rice terrace 1

Along with Muong Hoa Valley, Tram Ton Pass, Silver Waterfall and O Quy Ho Pass, Sapa's rice terrace field also plays an important reason for million of tourist arrivals to this upland, creates the best image of the North West area. Considered as one of the most beautiful rice terraces worldwide, it can be at the top of your bucket list if you intend to trip to Sapa since it is definitely worth you a visit.

It is said that rice terraces are the most beautiful when it has just started the crop at which it begins the rain season or when the whole fields are green or when they are all ripe with the silky yellow coverage.

Sapa rice terrace 2

However, at any time, this destination always looks terrific and so are its rice terraces. Since May to July, it is time that Muong Hoa Valley is blooming with lots of colorful flowers in a wide range of various beauties and when the rice terraces are full of water at which you can contemplate one of the best scenery ever that the terraces are twinkle and attractive with the reflection of the sunshine on the fields’ surface. 

Sapa rice terrace 3

Sapa rice terrace 4

It is definitely worth visiting as you cannot find anywhere else in other place out of Sapa and its splendid Muong Hoa and of course, superb rice terraces. 

Then the whole fields of rice terraces turn into silky yellow when it is in September and to October, the special signal of the harvest time. 

Sapa rice terrace 5

Obviously, travelers can visit Sapa’s rice terraced fields in any time of the year since the terraces look like a big mirror reflecting the sunbeam in spring, attract lots of travelers with its green spread like a splendid carpet of the nature in summer, while they turn into gold carpet when the harvest time comes in the late autumn as well as the superb and pristine beauty as it is in winter, in which it is covered with fog or sometimes with snow, creating the best-ever picture of the rice fields in winter that you may have never seen before.
Photo source: Internet

Saturday, July 4, 2015

Nha Trang Sea Festival 2015 to feature dozens of sporting and cultural activities

Nha Trang sea festival 1

The seventh Nha Trang Sea Festival will be held from July 11th to 14th 2015, reported the Khanh Hoa Provincial People’s Committee at a Press Conference on June 29th 2015.

Every two years, Nha Trang Sea Festival takes place for a whole week in around June in Nha Trang City, Khanh Hoa Province. This is a colorful and dynamic sea festival which honors natural beauty of Nha Trang – the charming city overlooking the sea. The first Nha Trang Sea Festival was held in 2003 when Nha Trang Beach was proclaimed as a member of the Most Beautiful Bays in the World.

Nha Trang sea festival 2
Nha Trang Sea Festival 2013 under the theme “Nha Trang – Sea rendezvous"
Coming to Nha Trang at the time of festival, visitors will be in a bustling and exciting ambiance of various cultural and recreational events. First of all is an abundant opening ceremony by Vietnamese and international art groups. Besides, many interesting activities also take place during the festival like seafood and international gastronomy competition, wine festival, beach volleyball, underwater group wedding, etc. 

The festival is also a great chance for tourists to know more about Vietnam through special events such as Truong Sa Picture Exhibition, Khmer Cultural Exhibition, art kite flying festival, event of throwing lanterns on Cai River, human chess, and particularly traditional Fish Worshiping Festival. Nha Trang Sea Festival will definitely give you an unforgettable impression about Vietnam’s charming beauty as well as time-honored traditional values.

Mr. Truong Dang Tuyen, Director of the provincial Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism said the festival will include 52 cultural and sporting activities, honoring traditionally cultural values and quintessence of sea and people in Khanh Hoa in particular and Vietnam in general.

On the sideline, the event will have numerous activities towards the country’s sea and island sovereignty such as an exhibition displaying maps and documentation on Vietnam’s sovereignty over Vietnam’s Paracel and Spratly archipelagos and a scientific conference on educating sea and island sovereignty at schools.

Nha Trang sea festival 3

Specific traits on Khanh Hoa’s sea and people will be manifested through folk games, Cham pottery display, basket boat rowing competition, traditional fishing competition and a photo exhibition on the beauty of Khanh Hoa aloe wood. In addition, large-scale sporting competitions will be held such as national sailboat competition, national beach volleyball competition and Khanh Hoa beach volleyball completion.

This bi-annual festival is expected to draw 150,000 foreign and domestic tourists to Khanh Hoa Province.

Source: CPV

Friday, July 3, 2015

Vietnam Airlines announces upgrade to 4-star service

Vietnam Airlines on July 2nd announces its 4-star service upgrade and launches its new corporate identity in a ceremony held in the VIP lounge of Noi Bai International Airport with the presence of Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung.

This is a special event that marks a development leap by the airline as it aims to become one of the top airlines in the region and favorable in Asia by 2020.

The launch of the new corporate identity and livery, which will be operational July 3rd also takes place in this special event. The new identity is geared towards modernity and uniformity while keeping the traits of the flag carrier and symbolizing a dynamic country in reform and development.

As an important part of the corporate identity, the livery of pilots, flight-attendants and other staff is also changed to fit the entire system of logo, airplanes, and other design items including lounges, ticket counters, check-in counters, labels and signposts.

“With the official launch of new corporate identity and upgrade plan to 4-star service, we strive to meet new demands, create differentials and serve our customers better with more value added. We are determined to make Vietnam Airlines a strong airline, bringing passengers the best flight experiences thanks to the perfect blend of Vietnamese cultural tradition and state-of-the-art technologies”, said Mr. Pham Viet Thanh, Chairman of Vietnam Airlines.

The event also sees Vietnam Airlines and Airbus sign a flight hour services agreement for the Airbus A350-900 XWBs. Under the agreement, Airbus is committed to providing a full package of parts supply services of the Vietnam Airlines’ A350 fleet for 12 years
Prime Minister Nguyen Tuan Dung in the ceremony held in the VIP lounge of Noi Bai International Airport

Source: CPV