Friday, May 1, 2009

ATA Inspects Ba Be National Park, Vietnam for Designing New Adventure Tours 2009

ACTIVETRAVEL ASIA (ATA) plan to inspect Ba Be National Park, Vietnam include Ba Be Lake and Nang river to design river kayaking and trekking tours in this beautiful hidden area. "Active Travel Asia releases new adventure tours in June 2009," said by Mr. Tony Tran - Product Manager.

The Babe Lake is a significant natural upland lake in the North of Vietnam. The lake was formed by the combination of the tectonic force and severe in karst area. Surrounding by limestone hills of up to 500-600 m above sea level, the lake consists of three parts, Pe leng, Pe lu and Pe lam of which the total length is 9 km, the width changes between 0.2 km and 1.7km and the average depth varies from 17 to 23 m (maximum depth reaching 38 m). The Babe Lake is connected with the Nang River by Be Cam Channel, to which the water drains during the dry season. The lake thus serves as a natural reservoir for the Nang River system, while the Dau Dang Waterfall plays a role of dam for the lake.

The people living in areas next to Babe Lake are generally ethnical minorities, whose key activities are closely related with the food-plants such as: upland rice, wetland rice, maize, ground nuts, sugar cane, etc. Besides, they make efforts to cover forests’ surface to prevent soil erosion and to change the desolate land to green forest, etc.

The ATA’s inspection team is going to scan the Ba Be National Park to design new outdoor tours for adventure travelers. The potential outdoor activities can be designed in this area includes trekking and river kayaking.

“I have traveled to Ba Be Lake several times and really impressed with its beauty and its potential for outdoor activities. Ba Be Lake with its location and stunning scenery is perfect for designing multi-sport tours. We are thinking of combining trekking in Cao Bang and kayaking in Ba Be” Tony, the team leader, says. Tony has 8 year experience in outdoor travel and has been in charged for product development in Active Travel Asia ( He shows special love to Ba Be, that he names “paradise on earth for kayakers.”

This 5 days inspection trip will begin in early Apr this year. The team will be equipped with inflatable kayak, camping gears, trekking gears and great love to the outdoor.

ATA plans to launch new tours to Ba Be in early May and they would offer good promotion rate for first bookings. The new tours will be for travelers as it shows in the company’s motto “Actively exploring hidden lands.”


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