Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Travel tips for adventure holidays in Vietnam

Imaginative travellers looking to head to south-east Asia might want to make Vietnam a priority stop-off, as a website has provided tips on how to survive a stay in the country.

Vietnam adventure holidays

Ha Giang Province Vietnam

Suite101 has reported that following the culmination of war in recent years, the nation's economy has started to "boom" and visitor numbers are on the increase.

It has thus offered some guidance on the best ways to stay safe and save money while journeying across the place.

An easy - and relatively cheap - way to get between destinations is to fly, the portal has advised, although those who do not fancy taking to the sky can travel by rail - along such routes as the Reunification Express.

Sturdy walking shoes are a must for those wanting to venture around by foot, along with sunscreen, shorts and loose clothing - although access to some temples and restaurants may require people to cover up.

Suite101 recently recommended a boat trip along Vietnam's Mekong Delta to individuals hoping to experience the country's diverse food and culture

Source: imaginative-traveller.com
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