Friday, August 27, 2010

Viajes Indochina Introduce New Viajes Vietnam Website

Viajes Vietnam tour and travel guide with tips, advice and useful information on travel activities on tours provided direct from local tour operators. This guide helps travelers find out what to see and do and plan the travel itinerary.

Viajes Vietnam

Viajes Indochina is pleased to announce the launch of a new website section that features Viajes Vietnam tours which are supplied direct from tour operators based in Vietnam. Take no chances with the next vacation, travel with those who know the destination by experience.

Vietnam is a premier travel destination in Indochina, offering many beautiful sightseeings, UNESCO’s Heritages to explore, and cultural depth unlike anything else seen on earth. The Natural sights and culture tours complemented with modern amenities makes Vietnam becomes an ideal vacation destination on several levels.

Vietnam is a country most people have heard of but until recently few have had the opportunity to visit. It was not until the early 1990s that the first intrepid travelers started arriving. Things have come a long way in the past decade and visitors from all over the world are now discovering what a hidden gem of a country Vietnam is. Brilliant green rice fields, exotic temples and pagodas, grand colonial buildings, bustling city streets, thatched bamboo huts, grand colonial buildings, exotic temples and pagodas, deserted sandy beaches, breathtaking mountain scenery, conical straw hats, colorful ethnic minorities, graceful women in ao dai tunics, delicious cuisine, great out door activities luxurious hotels, stunning resorts and more, much more, it’s all here in Vietnam.

The two great metropolises of the country are the elegant capital city Hanoi and the dynamic, economic powerhouse Ho Chi Minh City. Since 1993 UNESCO has declared five World Heritage Sites in Vietnam, four in central Vietnam and one in the north. The four sites in central Vietnam are the former imperial capital Hue, the historic trading port of Hoi An, the centre of the former Cham Kingdom, My Son, and Phong Nha Caves. The fifth World Heritage Site is the spectacular natural wonder that is Halong Bay in northern Vietnam, breathtakingly featured in James Bond and other films.

A Vietnam tour should make every first-timer's itinerary to Indochina, with no exception. The sightseeings systems are beautiful, the unique culture is unmatched anywhere on earth, all without giving up the comfort of civilization, with hotels and other amenities located nearby.

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