Thursday, March 31, 2011

Active Travel Asia promotes trekking, biking and homestay in Vietnam

With crowded cities, quiet ethic villages, local community and hillside treks, Active Travel Asia shows real identified Vietnam for everyone.

Conquering Fansipan mountain Vietnam

Active Travel Asia offers group and private itineraries ranging from five to 20 days depend on traveler’s holidays and activities in Vietnam. This Special Summer offers include kayaking, junk boat cruises in Halong Bay and trekking and homestays in Sapa , mountain bike tours, flexible cooking class and beach resort holidays.

All Active Travel Asia’s tours encompass the multi-activities that let travelers see the real Vietnam in daily life.

The 12 days adventure Tour from Hanoi to Saigon includes cruising in Hue and Mekong Delta as well as a walking tour through the streets of Hoi An and a junk boat ride in Halong Bay.

The tour also combines between kayaking in Halong bay and biking in Hoi An Ancient Town where show travelers the real Natural and Culture Heritages recognized by UNESCO. More information at:

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Exploring Vietnam’s resort town of Nha Trang

It is a striking contrast from the cool, misty town of Dalat high in southern Vietnam’s central highlands — built by the French as an escape from the sweltering heat and humidity of Saigon to the glittering seaside resort of Nha Trang, which is barely a three hour drive away.

Leaving Dalat in the cool of the morning, we wound our way down through the forests and sub-tropical jungles of the Truong Son mountain range. We passed endless villages and small towns — all a hive of activity — before finally hitting the coastal lowlands and the warm sea breezes of the East Sea and Nha Trang Bay.

Nha Trang, at first look, is certainly a touristy beachside holiday town with its wide seaside boulevards, high-rise hotel towers, tourist shops, flashy bars, restaurants and streams of motorbikes and cars.

Nha Trang Beach, Vietnam
The hustle is only exacerbated by the heat of the day and thousands of holidaymakers. But this is a resort town Vietnamese-style, where more than

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Motorbiking Ho Chi Minh Trail, Vietnam - an unforgettable travel adventure

The 125-cubic-centimetre engine of the scooter was screaming for forgiveness, throwing off so much heat it burned through my jeans, singeing my leg hair.

All morning I'd been mercilessly holding the throttle wide open, climbing hills so steep it seemed like the bike might die any minute under the weight of my wife and me. We maneuvered around potholes the size of bomb craters at full speed (which was about 80 kilometers an hour, downhill, with no wind), just trying to keep a faint trace of our guide's rear tire in sight as he pulled ahead effortlessly on his 250-cc Suzuki dirt bike.

Children on their way to school, Vietnam's Ho Chi Minh Trail.

We finally caught up to our guide, Quang, on the other side of a long tunnel at the top of a mountain pass. He pulled over for a bathroom break in the thick growth that borders the road, explaining to us that

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Vietnam for adventurous explorers

Dense jungles, brooding mountains, endless waterways, towering cliffs, and hairpin bends: the potential for adrenalin fuelled adventure is limitless in Vietnam. Whether you prefer to scale the heights of jagged peaks or plumb the depths of coral reefs, Vietnam will deliver something special. Just being here is one long adventure, but these experiences will take it to a whole new level.

Kayak Halong Bay

Use paddle power to explore this incredible forest of karsts that jut out of the South China Sea like stone sentinels. Kayak where other boats cannot, such as into hide caves and secret lagoons, and will reveal to you the very best of the bay.

Conquer Mount Fansipan

OK, so it’s not Mt Everest, but at 3143m, it is the highest peak in the country. Meet some of the minority peoples on the trek before tackling the elements to arrive on the roof of Vietnam.

Ethnic Black H'mong girls at Tram Ton Pass in northern Vietnam.

Motorbike through the deep north

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

In Touch with the Real World: Vietnam Biking Tour

People who had traveled to Vietnam agreed that it was an interesting experience in general, but the bicycle tours definitely brought more adventurous excitements.

Vietnam borders Cambodia, Laos and China. Its coastline is 3,200 kilometers. The climate is tropical monsoon climate with dry and wet seasons, and it can be extremely hot and humid depending on the elevations.

Because the technology makes traveling easier than it was hundreds years ago, today people fly from places to places to experience the different cultures in various countries. Vietnam, however, is one place that people think it is the place left in the world that is so close to the “reality.” Many destinations have not yet been explored by travelers.

Vietnam is a bicycle-friendly country. Many people use bikes to commute in Vietnam. If you choose this method to sightsee in Vietnam, time can be the issue. Plan a trip with time flexibility to ensure a good quality trip.

Vietnam biking tours

Cycling in Vietnam, time and energy