Monday, June 6, 2011

ACTIVETRAVEL ASIA takes part in the workshop on Environmental Impacts of Tourism held by Responsible Travel Club of Vietnam

From 27th to 29th May, 2011 at Lavie Vu Linh Eco lodge, Yen Bai province, a popular ecotourism destination north of Hanoi, the RTC has convened a training workshop to examine ways in which the local tourism industry can operate sustainably in Vietnam’s fragile environment whilst at the same time work towards its protection.

The workshop has a participation of 36 people from 13 tour operators from Hanoi and as far afield as Hue – central Vietnam and other organizations. Workshop partners include SNV – Netherlands Development Organization and WWF – World Wildlife Fund, with additional presentations being given by Vietnam national administration of tourism - VNAT and ENERTEAM.

Responsible Travel Club of Vietnam
Some non-member tour operators also joined in workshop like Vietnam tourism in Hanoi, HG Travel in Hanoi, Vietran tours, Huong Giang travel Hue.

With well preparation & organization together with the enthusiasm & seriously of participants, the workshop was in full of hotly discussions and constructively ideas as well as the interesting outdoor activities related to caseworks.

On day 1, delegates departed Hanoi for Lake Lavie Vu Linh. Upon arrival delegates had boating and walking tours of the Lake and the Lavie Vu Linh ecotourism project and took some time to discuss the fragile beauty of the Lake.

During Day 2 delegates got stuck into the core issues affecting tourism and the environment in Vietnam, finding solutions and presentation to all. Attending sessions such as Vietnam’s biodiversity values, tourism’s impact on the environment. Participants had expert’s talk on approaches to manage tourism environmental impacts such as the Vietnam’s environmental law and regulations, environmental policy development, and green suppliers. In addition, participants would have thoroughly discussion on how to manage tourism impacts throughout process of tour operation, tour guiding and product development.

Before departing back to Hanoi on Day 3 delegates were able to hear about WWF’s work in tourism in Vietnam and take motivation from SNV’s presentation on environmental better practice from around the world. At the end of the workshop, each participating tour operator presented its company’s action plan for managing environmental impacts in its business value chain.

The workshop finished with great success, collected lots of positive ideas for the Environmental Impacts of Tourism.



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