Thursday, February 7, 2013

Family adventure in Vietnam for all travelers in Tet holiday

Tet is the most essential holiday for Vietnamese. It is the time for people leave a job behind and coming back home to celebrate upcoming year with family. Specially, in this scared period western visitors have a chance to explore the most quintessential of all custom in Vietnam.

 It is an honor for ACTIVETRAVEL ASIA to operate “Family Adventures in Vietnam” for travelers deeply acknowledge the traditional culture ,sightseeing the full blossom of peach, cherry apricot landscape, relishing the holy spirit fulfill in atmosphere, enjoying the special food, and witnessing the Vietnamese’s family activities in the lunar new years.

Family Adventure in Vietnam” highlight includes:
Kayaking in the amazing Halong Bay, one of the Seven Wonders of the World comprised thousand limestones.
Biking in the majestic former capital of Hue recognized a World Heritage Site by UNESCO thanks to its outstanding cultural and historical values. Travellers were drived to the Imperial City to visit the impressive Royal Palace and other beautiful royal buildings.
Charming ancient town of Hoian of which have notable ancient Vietnam architecture, special music, and culinary flavours and aromas
Floating market of Cai Rang, enjoyed different kinds of tropical fruit cultivated on the island, entertained with songs and music performed by villagers.

Tips to travel Vietnam in Tet holiday:
Booking early, early, early is the best tip for all travelers in the Tet holiday. If you are late, don’t worry, it still be fine. ACTIVETRAVEL ASIA has experience to solve it in this period.
Moreover, visitors should notice about some custom in the biggest holiday to avoid some mistakes in the scared place. Visitors should follow the rule when come inside the temple or pagoda such as take the shoes off before going inside, remember cover the shoulder and leg, and get the permission before taking picture, stand when monks and nun enter.

Recommended tour:
Family Adventures in Vietnam: This trip offers stunning natural landscapes, millennia-old history, exciting cosmopolitan cities, friendly hamlets and mélange of cultural influences. And there’s no better way to become acquainted with this vibrant country than by exploring it under your own locomotion and at your own pace. Walk past pagodas and temples in old Hanoi, kayak amid labyrinthine limestone outcrops in Halong Bay, bike past vibrant green rice paddies, investigate magnificent historic sites in Hue and stroll through the enchanting city of Hoi An, one of Vietnam’s architectural gems. Round out your days of discovery with meals of delicious local cuisine and stays at warm welcoming hotels.
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