Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Motorcycling Experience – A Fantastic Way to Travel Vietnam

In the eyes of foreigner, traffic in Vietnam is always crazy. Dare to say lunacy, brave to learn the rule of madness. For sure, travelers will gain the unforgettable experience.

Nothing more, nothing less, 3 days on motorbike enough for travelers to taste the first part of fabled Ho Chi Minh trail. Riding along the beautiful winding road following the bank of Ma River travelers will have insightful vision about Vietnam. 
Motorbiking the Ho Chi Minh trail
Pretty thought that travel is a great opportunity. Especial in Vietnam, a small country is totaling different from Western culture. By a motorbike, travelers can explore every corner, have a chance to learn Vietnam history, change the way to see the world, realize the meaning of globalization. 

This trip is so exciting when travelers learn how to control the Honda. This vehicle is suitable with the condition of countryside or no road in Vietnam. Be masterful on Honda and relishing the freedom along the road, Halong Bay on the rice field, Mai Chau, minority village will be surprised travelers by the rustic beauty, the breathtaking scenery, the fresh air.

For the perfect trip, travelers should prepare both the physical and mental carefully. To be back home intact, travelers should follow some rule of Vietnam like riding on the right of road, turn on the signal when turn right or left, move slowly at intersection, school, and hospital. Travelers will be less risk by the full support of ACTIVETRAVEL ASIA, which have 7 years experience in operating motor biking tour.

The best time to travel by motorbike is from September to June. Especial, in April flights are generally moderately priced. The cost of tour is also supported by ATA. Moreover, Travel in this time; travelers chance to attend various festivals.

Summer promotion 2013:
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Travel Facts:
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