Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Ripen rice season on Hoang Su Phi terraced fields

When the fall comes, groups of travelers and photographers flock to the border mountainous district of Hoang Su Phi to admire and take pictures of yellow rice fields.

Hoang su phi, terrace fields
Hoang Su Phi is a border mountainous district of Ha Giang province. According to Chinese transliteration, Hoang Su Phi means "gold bark." The road to Hoang Su Phi is long and rugged but it does not prevent travelers to pass 300km from Hanoi to witness the yellow season here.

Hoang su phi, terrace fields
In the autumn, Hoang Su Phi is quite crowded with travelers and vehicles because it is the time the wide valleys of terraced fields are covered by the yellow color of ripen rice.

Hoang su phi, terrace fields
Looking at thousands of hectares of ripen rice terrace fields spread across the valley, it is not superlative to call Hoang Su Phi the "magnificent work" of the local people.

Hoang su phi, terrace fields
The ripen rice season in Hoang Su Phi usually begins in late September, early October.

Hoang su phi, terrace fields
The Hoang Su Phi terraced fields include the system of terrace fields in Ban Luoc and San Sa Ho communes of the Dao and Nung ethnic groups, in Ban Phung commune of La Chi ethnic group, in Ho Thau, Thong Nguyen and Nam Ty communes of the red Dao ethnic group.

Hoang Su Phi, terrace fields

In 2012, Hoang Su Phi terraced fields were recognized as national heritage.

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