Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Vietnam’s most thrilling mountain pass

Ca Pass is a high and winding mountain pass with dangerous roads in central Vietnam which offers a serene view of Vietnam’s landscapes.

A 10-km road running along the pass is located between Phu Yen and Khanh Hoa provinces. It is some 30km south of Tuy Hoa City in Phu Yen Province.

Travelling on the pass road, passengers can enjoy the beautiful spots of Vung Ro Bay. During war time, Vung Ro was a base to receive weapon transport ships from the north to support the southern battle. Vung Ro is also recognised as a national cultural and historical relic.

The road has bending and winding sections that are a challenge for the abilities of drivers. At this time of year, huge mountains are covered with mist and fog. From the road, visitors can enjoy countryside landscapes with paddy fields surrounded by mountains, creating a wonderful picture.

Deo Ca with bendy road sections
Large stones located near the road
Vung Ro Seaport during a misty morning
Stones rise up from the sea
Paddy fields surrounded by mountain ranges
A small island viewed from Ca Pass
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