Friday, January 2, 2015

Vietnam Offers Visa Exemption to Citizens of Seven Countries

Vietnamese government has launched a resolution about visa exemption for citizens of 7 countries as entering Vietnam. 

Vietnam visa-free
From January 1st 2015, citizens of 7 countries including Russia, Japan, Korea, Danish, Norway, Sweden and Finland are exempt from visa to temporarily stay in Vietnam for maximum time of 15 days as from the date of entry, regardless of passport type, entry purposes, on the basis of fully meeting prescribed conditions of Vietnamese law.

This policy will be effective for 5 years, from Jan 1st 2015 to Dec 31st 2019, and will be considered to be extended relied on regulations of Vietnamese law.
Currently, Vietnam is applying visa-free system within 30 days for tourists from ASEAN countries (except Philippines within 21 days, Brunei and Myanmar within 14 days). And from 2015, visa-free continues to broaden to 7 countries: Russia, Japan, Korea, Danish, Norway, Sweden and Finland.

Vietnamese visa-free policy has positively contributed to the development of Vietnamese tourism. Following to statistics, international tourists to Vietnam has an average expenditure from 1,200 USD to 2,500 USD depending on market segmentation and form of tourism.

The latest figures from General Statistics Office of Vietnam notified that foreign visitors to Vietnam in 2014 was estimated at 7,874,300 arrivals, a growth of 4% compared to the figure in 2013. However, the increase of overseas tourists in 2014 is lower than that of 2013, 4% in comparison with 10.6%.

Also this year, among these 7 countries, Korean tourists reached 848,000 arrivals, rose by 13.3% while the number of Japan was 648,000 arrivals with a climb of 7.3%. The figure for Russia was 364,900, grew 22.4%.


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