Monday, July 6, 2015

The best time to enjoy stunning Sapa rice terraces

Sapa rice terrace 1

Along with Muong Hoa Valley, Tram Ton Pass, Silver Waterfall and O Quy Ho Pass, Sapa's rice terrace field also plays an important reason for million of tourist arrivals to this upland, creates the best image of the North West area. Considered as one of the most beautiful rice terraces worldwide, it can be at the top of your bucket list if you intend to trip to Sapa since it is definitely worth you a visit.

It is said that rice terraces are the most beautiful when it has just started the crop at which it begins the rain season or when the whole fields are green or when they are all ripe with the silky yellow coverage.

Sapa rice terrace 2

However, at any time, this destination always looks terrific and so are its rice terraces. Since May to July, it is time that Muong Hoa Valley is blooming with lots of colorful flowers in a wide range of various beauties and when the rice terraces are full of water at which you can contemplate one of the best scenery ever that the terraces are twinkle and attractive with the reflection of the sunshine on the fields’ surface. 

Sapa rice terrace 3

Sapa rice terrace 4

It is definitely worth visiting as you cannot find anywhere else in other place out of Sapa and its splendid Muong Hoa and of course, superb rice terraces. 

Then the whole fields of rice terraces turn into silky yellow when it is in September and to October, the special signal of the harvest time. 

Sapa rice terrace 5

Obviously, travelers can visit Sapa’s rice terraced fields in any time of the year since the terraces look like a big mirror reflecting the sunbeam in spring, attract lots of travelers with its green spread like a splendid carpet of the nature in summer, while they turn into gold carpet when the harvest time comes in the late autumn as well as the superb and pristine beauty as it is in winter, in which it is covered with fog or sometimes with snow, creating the best-ever picture of the rice fields in winter that you may have never seen before.
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